Our innovative Sustainability-as-a-Service platform
empowers businesses to achieve carbon neutrality.


Our innovative Sustainability-as-a-Service platform empowers businesses to achieve carbon neutrality seamlessly. Leveraging AI technology, our platform accurately calculates your carbon footprint, provides tailored recommendations for emission reduction, and facilitates compensation of any remaining emissions through our top-tier portfolio of carbon credits.



Net-zero refers to a state where greenhouse gas emissions are counterbalanced by their removal or reduction. It represents a balance between emissions and mitigating efforts like carbon capture, afforestation, or renewables. The goal is to fight climate change and limit global temperature rise to 1.5C, as stated in the Paris Agreement. Businesses play a crucial role in this and must act quickly to reduce their carbon footprint, contributing to this critical balance.

Likvidi’s end-to-end solution makes net-zero attainable for both you and your business. It provides an easy method to calculate your company's carbon footprint, offset it using high-quality carbon credits, and manage your entire sustainability journey.

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Step 1

Calculate your businesses carbon footprint

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Step 2

Offset your carbon footprint with carbon credits

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Step 3

Start carbon footprint reduction through decarbonization

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Step 4

Offset your carbon footprint yearly, keep streamlining


Meet CarbonBOT: The Revolutionary GPT-4-Powered Carbon Footprint Calculator for Individuals and SMEs

Introducing CarbonBOT, a cutting-edge carbon footprint calculator designed for individuals and SMEs. Built on the advanced GPT-4 model, this user-friendly, chat-based tool seamlessly calculates your company's scope 1 and scope 2 carbon footprints. CarbonBOT empowers users to make eco-conscious decisions, fostering a sustainable future by helping you minimize your environmental impact.

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Liquid Carbon Token is the ultimate carbon token with optimized impact versus risk factors and unique 24/7 liquidity

Portfolio Approach

LCO2 contains an active portfolio of 20 different carbon credits

Diversified & Verified

Included carbon credits are from different sectors and geographic areas to further spread the risk. Credits have to be verified by approved Registry

Third-Party Ratings

LCO2 portfolio carbon credits also need a “high-quality” Rating from one of the reputable third-party rating firms, such as BeZero


Carbon credits co-benefits are also a selection criteria, as the goal is that LCO2s always cover all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Portfolio’s data is publicly available on blockchain, including the different project types, vintages, and volumes issued and offsetted


LCO2 will be the first carbon token to be tradable on Likvidi’s Automated Market Making Swap Exchange (AMMSE) offering 24/7 liquidity


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Ransu Salovaara

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Founder & CEO

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Tuomas Siltala

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Junnu Salovaara

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Head of Platform Development

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Luka Grunt

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Head of Marketing

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Eric Della Casa

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Business Development Manager

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Rainer Koirikivi

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Lead Developer

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